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Poprichtchine is bored with his duties as a bureaucrat. At the ministry, he spends his days… cutting quills for his director. This monotonous and dull daily life, set in a ministry office in Tsarist Russia, suddenly falls apart: crossing the street, he meets the daughter of his superior, who disembarks from a carriage, then hears Medji, her young dog, talking with another dog!

On the stage of the Belleville theater, (20th), madness immediately descends with “Tell me I’m Dreaming” Three different actors play Poprichtchine, as he wanders, animated by his inner monologue, from mistake to mistake,from the ministry to the kingdom of Frederick VIIILit by small lightbulbs, the three actors and the musician, often placed at the center of the stage, take us on an insanely funny trip, from the Nevski Prospekt to Spain, of which our hero believes he is the ruler. His new name: Frederick VIII.

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